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VTK Import for Solid Edge - Vizualization Toolkit VTK file Import add-in for Solid Edge

     Menu Button       Add Ins > VTK Import for Solid Edge > Import

This command imports geometric data from ASCII and Binary VTK files into Solid Edge

To import a VTK file

1.  Select Import from the "VTK Import for Solid Edge" submenu.

2.  You will be presented with a "Open" dialog box. Select the VTK file you wish to import and click

3.  The VTK file you selected will be processed. You will then be presented with the Solid Edge "New" dialog box. Select the appropriate kind of document you wish to create. It is recommended to select a Part or Assembly since other types (such as Draft) do not support 3D objects.

A new document of the type you selected in Step 3 will be created and the VTK file will be imported into it.


Please feel free to call or email us for more information about VTK file import add-in for Solid Edge.