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VTK Export for Rhino - Visualization Toolkit VTK file Export plug-in for Rhinoceros

     Menu Button       VTKExport > Export
     Command       VTKExport

This command exports geometric data from AutoCAD to ASCII and Binary VTK files.

To export a VTK file

1. Select Export from the "VTKExport" menu or type VTKExport at the Rhino command prompt and press Enter.

2. At the Select objects prompt, select the objects that you wish to export. Press Enter when done. The Rhino "Save As" dialog box is displayed.


3. The "VTK Export Options" dialog box is displayed.  Select the options as required and click OK.



Please feel free to call or email us for more information about Visualization Toolkit VTK file import plug-in for Rhinoceros.