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VTK Export for Bricscad - Vizualization Toolkit VTK file export plug-in for Bricscad

Welcome to VTK Export for Bricscad Help!

This help file provides all the information you need to understand and use VTK Export for Bricscad. Click the links below or use the Contents tab on the left to browse help topics. You can also scroll the topics on the above right hand pane.

The VTK Export for Bricscad help file is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction - Introduction to VTK Export for Bricscad.

  • Command Reference - Quick reference of all the commands added by VTK Export for Bricscad.

  • Tutorial - Tutorial to get you started in the shortest possible time.

If you need any additional information please contact SYCODE.

Note: Please refer to the section "Loading Instructions" in the ReadMe file to load VTK Export for Bricscad plug-in file into the Bricscad environment.

Please read the License Agreement before using the software.


Please feel free to call or email us for more information about VTK file export plug-in for Bricscad.