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TerrainCAD for AutoCAD - Terrain modeling plug-in for AutoCAD

     Menu Button       TerrainCAD > Create Terrain
     Command       TCCreateTerrain

This command creates a terrain mesh from a set of unordered survey points, contours and polylines. The mesh is created as a Delaunay Triangulation.

The mesh topology can be adjusted by using a search radius. The search radius determines whether two points can be part of the same triangular face. If the distance between two points is larger than the search radius then they are not connected by a face.
This is particularly useful when creating a mesh from a set of points that has a convex boundary

To Create a Terrain

1. Click Create Terrain from the TerrainCAD submenu or type TCCreateTerrain at the AutoCAD command prompt.

2. At the Select points, lines and polylines prompt, select the points and press Enter.

3. At the Search radius prompt, set the search radius.

The figure above shows a set of unordered points.


The figure below shows a polyface mesh created from the unordered points that satisfies the Delaunay Triangulation criteria.


Shaded view of the terrain mesh


A search radius of zero will remove the connectivity constraint and all points will be connected however far they may be from each other.

AutoCAD does not allow a polyface mesh to contain more than 32,000 vertices or faces.
Due to this AutoCAD limitation, TerrainCAD for

AutoCAD will break down polyface meshes containing more than 32,000 into a set of 3D face entities





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