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TerrainCAD Software - Generation, Editing, and Modeling Software

TerrainCAD is a terrain generation, editing and modeling software. Powered by TerrainLib, TerrainCAD employs blazing fast and robust algorithms to create and modify terrain meshes in no time. The capabilities of TerrainCAD can be broadly classified as (1) Terrain Generation, (2) Terrain Editing, and (3) Terrain Modeling.

TerrainCAD can read and write mesh objects in the following file formats:

OpenNURBS files (*.3dm)
AutoCAD DWG files (*.dwg)
AutoCAD DXF/DXB files (*.dxf)
3D Studio files (*.3ds)
Stereolithography files (*.stl)
Wavefront files (*.obj)
SketchUp SKP files (*.skp)
Visualization Toolkit VTK files (*.vtk)

TerrainCAD Software
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System Requirements

Below is the hardware, software and operating system requirements for DWG DXF Converter running on the Microsoft Windows platform.

  • Operating System (32 Bit only): Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows Vista

  • RAM: 1 GB (Recommended 2 GB)

Download & Purchase

Please download a fully functional trial of TerrainCAD by clicking on the "Download Now" button below. To start using the software, you need a license key. A license key can be of two types: Trial or Permanent. A trial key is issued to you on the purchase of '7 day license' so that you may try the software before you purchase a permanent key. A permanent key is issued after you have purchased a license. We are confident that during the trial period (7 days with unlimited runs) you will find TerrainCAD extremely useful. Later when you decide to buy the software please return to this page and click the "Buy with/without Subscription" button to place your order. Upon verifying the order you will recieve an e-mail with instructions on how to obtain your permanent key. We will create and send you your Key by e-mail within one business day. To avoid disruption in your workflow we urge you to place your order before the trial period ends.

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  Buy 7 Day License $19.99


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IMPORTANT! Purchasing a Subscription is highly recommended since it the most cost effective way of keeping your software up to date. Moreover, Subscription entitles you to get a second free perpetual license for your laptop, among many other benefits. For details please read the SYCODE License and Subscription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Our licenses are single computer licenses and are locked to each computer they are installed on. Basically, the license key is specific to the computer's Host ID (the MAC address of the computer), and will not work on another computer. The installer picks up the physical MAC address of the network card connected to the computer which is basically “Ethernet adapter Network Connect Adapter”. So unless you change your network card, the key will always work even if you reinstall your operating system. If your internal network is periodically assigning a different Host ID to your computer, then please find a solution for this with your IT department.

Note: Downloading this software indicates your acceptance to the SYCODE Software License Agreement. The price mentioned above is for a single user license. For your bulk-licensing needs please contact us.

Installation & Usage

TerrainCAD is a standalone software. Simply run the installer and accept the default installation options. Detailed documentation accompanies the software along with a few tutorials to get you started immediately.


If you want TerrainCAD to work in a different way to suit your workflow, do let us know. We will customize the software to suit your needs.

Terrain Generation, Editing, &  Modeling
The TerrainCAD menu

Terrain Generation

TerrainCAD creates a terrain mesh from a set of unorganized survey points, breaklines and contours. The terrain mesh is created as a Delaunay Triangulation, which is regarded as the best method to create a terrain mesh from unorganized point data. TerrainCAD can also  generate a terrain mesh directly from contours only. Breaklines can be employed to give TerrainCAD the intelligence to create superior terrain meshes that accurately resemble the actual landscape to be recreated.

Terrain Editing

Often terrain meshes need to be manually edited for various reasons. TerrainCAD makes this very easy by offering a host of terrain mesh editing commands. TerrainCAD has very useful commands to edit vertices, edges and faces of a terrain mesh. The terrain editing commands are listed below:

Vertex Editing Commands  
Delete Vertex Delete a vertex of the terrain mesh
Move Vertex Move a vertex of the terrain mesh
Edge Editing Commands  
Delete Edge Delete an edge of the terrain mesh
Move Edge Move an edge of the terrain mesh
Collapse Edge Collapse an edge to its mid point
Swap Edge Swap an edge of the terrain mesh
Split Edge Split an edge of the terrain
Face Editing Commands  
Add Face Add a new face to the terrain mesh
Delete Face Delete a face of the terrain mesh
Move Face Move a face of the terrain mesh
Collapse Face Collapse a face to its centroid
Split Face Split a face of the terrain
Sub-Divide Face Sub-divide a single face of the terrain mesh
Break Quad Face Bread a single quad face into two triangle faces
Flip Face Flip the direction of a face of the terrain mesh

Terrain Modeling

TerrainCAD also offers several mesh modeling commands. These commands help in altering the general topology of the mesh thereby making it suitable for further operations. The mesh modeling commands are listed below:

Mesh Modeling Commands  
Move Move the terrain mesh in space
Rotate Rotate the terrain mesh about an axis
Scale Scale the terrain mesh
Fill Hole Fill a single hole in the terrain mesh
Fill Holes Fill all the holes in the terrain mesh
Sub-Divide Sub-divide the terrain mesh
Break Quads Break all quad faces to triangle faces
Flip Flip the face normals of the terrain mesh
Face Upwards Make the terrain mesh face upwards
Smooth Smooth a set of vertices of the terrain mesh
Solidify Create a solid from the terrain mesh by giving it thickness

The figures below show a terrain mesh created from a set of unordered points using TerrainCAD.


A set of unordered points
A set of unordered points


Terrain mesh created from points
Terrain mesh created from points


Here is another example of terrain mesh creation using TerrainCAD. The points in this point set were extracted from the contours of a hilly region.

A set of contour points
A set of contour points


Terrain mesh created from contour points
Terrain mesh created from contour points


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Please feel free to call or email us for more information about TerrainCAD Software.