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SKP Import for Bricscad - SketchUp (.skp) file import plug-in for Bricscad

     Menu Button       SKPImport > Import
     Command       SKPImport


This command imports geometric data from Bricscad to SKP files.

To Import a SKP file

1. Select Import from the SKPImport menu or type SKPImport at the Bricscad command prompt and press Enter.

2. The Bricscad Open dialog box is displayed. Browse for a SKP file you wish to import and click OK.

4. The SKP Import Options dialog box is displayed. Set the options as required and click OK.

Note: An Bricscad polyface mesh cannot contain more than 32,767 vertices and/or faces. If you select to import the SKP model as a polyface mesh and if it exceeds this limit then SKP Import for Bricscad will import the model as a set of 3D faces. This is a limitation of Bricscad and not of SKP Import for Bricscad.