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     Menu Button       PointCloud > Import Points
     Command       PCImportPoints

This command imports points from a text file. This command invokes the Point File dialog (shown below) which allows you to select the point file to import and set the file format and delimiters.

To import Points

1. Click Import Points from the "PointCloud" menu or type PCImportPoints at the AutoCAD command prompt.

2. The "Point File" dialog box is displayed. Browse for the Point file you wish to import. At the "Open" dialog box select the file and click Open.

3. Select the format and delimiters in the Point File dialog box and click Ok.




Each line of the text file is assumed to contain data related to a single point. The point data must contain the X, Y and Z coordinates of the point and may contain a point number and point description. The point number (if it exists) must be present before and coordinate data and the point description (if it exists) must be present after the coordinate data. The point coordinates can be in the X, Y, Z format or the Northing, Easting, Elevation (Y, X, Z) format. The general format can be described as:

[Point Number] [Point Coordinates] [Point Description]


The most commonly used delimiters are Tab, Semicolon, Comma and Space. You can specify a custom delimiter as well.

How it works

Browse for the text file by clicking the "Browse" button. After selecting the text file the Preview list box will show you the first 100 lines of the text file. Then proceed to select the format of the text file by selecting the appropriate value from the Format drop list. Also select/unselect the delimiters. The output list box will show you the points read from the text file based on the current values of format and delimiters. When you are satisfied with the contents of the output list box click the OK button and the points will be imported into AutoCAD.

Note: Point numbers and descriptions are not imported.



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