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Point Cloud for AutoCAD – Reverse engineering plug-in for AutoCAD

     Menu Button       PointCloud> Drape Surface
     Command       PCDrapeSurface

This command drapes a surface over a point cloud.

To drape a surface over a point cloud

1. Click Drape Surface from the "PointCloud" menu or type PCDrapeSurface at the AutoCAD command prompt.

2. At the "Select Points" prompt, select the points and press Enter.

3. At the "Drape direction" and "Surface type" command prompt set the command options and press Enter.

4. The Surface Parameters dialog box is displayed. Specify the parameters and click OK.

The above fig is set as the default

4. At the Point Cloud for AutoCAD Options dialog box, set the options as desired and click OK.

Input point cloud

A shaded view of mesh surface draped over a point cloud



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