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PLT Import for KeyCreator - HPGL Plot PLT file import add-in for KeyCreator

This is the PLT Import for KeyCreator ReadMe file.

Thank you for installing PLTImport for KeyCreator.  

Please read this ReadMe document carefully and completely. It contains important information which is vital to the proper working of PLTImport for KeyCreator.  


Loading Instructions:

Since PLTImport for KeyCreator is a add-in for KeyCreator, it has to be loaded into the KeyCreator environment before it can be used. Loading is a one time process. PLTImport for KeyCreator will automatically load itself into KeyCreator the next time you run KeyCreator.  

The PLTImport for KeyCreator add-in file is installed into the PLTImport for KeyCreator installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\SYCODE\PLTImport for KeyCreator\). The add-in file has an extension of ".cde".  

The list of add-in files along with the version of KeyCreator is shown below. Please be sure to use the add-in file that corresponds to your version of KeyCreator.  

3DMImport_VC80.cde -> KeyCreator 8.x

3DMImport_VC90.cde -> KeyCreator 9.x  

To load PLTImport for KeyCreator into KeyCreator please follow the steps listed below:

(1) Invoke the KeyCreator Options dialog box (Click Tools -> Options).

(2) Click the "Startup" item in the tree on the left

(3) Click the "New" button in the section "Automatically Loaded CDE(s)" on the right. A new blank entry will be created.

(4) Click the browse button on the new entry and browse for the CDE file (typically found in C:\Program Files\SYCODE\PLTImport for KeyCreator\).

(5) Click "OK" to close the Options dialog box.

(6) Restart KeyCreator.  

When KeyCreator restarts PLTImport for KeyCreator will be automatically loaded at startup.


PLTImport for KeyCreator adds new commands to KeyCreator. The commands added are:

1) Import - Imports a PLTfile

2) Help - Displays the PLTImport for KeyCreator help file

3) Register - Registers your copy of PLTImport for KeyCreator

4) About - Displays the PLTImport for KeyCreator about box  

Sample Files:

Sample files are copied into the Samples folder which is located in the PLTImport for KeyCreator installation folder (typically "C:\Program Files\SYCODE\PLTImport for KeyCreator\"). You can try PLTImport for KeyCreator using these sample files.

For support, please E-Mail support@sycode.com


Please feel free to call or email us for more information about HPGL Plot PLT file import add-in for KeyCreator.