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OBJ Import for Bricscad - Alias Wavefront OBJ file import plug-in for Bricscad

     Menu Button       OBJImport > Import
     Command       OBJImport


This command imports geometric data from ASCII and Binary OBJ files into Bricscad.

To Import an OBJ file

1. Select Import from the OBJImport menu or type OBJImport at the Bricscad command prompt and press Enter.

2. The Bricscad file Open dialog box is displayed. Browse for the OBJ file you wish to import and click Open.

3. The OBJ Import for Bricscad Options dialog box is displayed. Set the OBJ Options as required and click Ok.

Note: An Bricscad polyface mesh cannot contain more than 32,767 vertices and/or faces. If you select to import the OBJ model as a polyface mesh and if it exceeds this limit then OBJ Import for Bricscad will import the model as a set of 3D faces. This is a limitation of Bricscad and not of OBJ Import for Bricscad.



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