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Mesh To Solid for Bricscad - Mesh to 3D solid conversion plug-in for Bricscad


     Menu Button       Mesh To Solid > Options
     Command       MSOptions

This command displays the Mesh To Solid for Bricscad options dialog box (shown below).

Delete original mesh after converting to solid
This option is used in the MSConvertMesh command. Checking this box will delete the original mesh if a solid was successfully created.

Combine all meshes in mesh file into a single solid
A mesh file may contain more than one meshes. Leaving this box unchecked will create one solid each for each mesh object in the mesh file.

Attempt to convert 'BODY' objects to '3D SOLID' objects
If the mesh does not represent a watertight solid, it results in a 'BODY' object. For example, this may happen in the case of a mesh describing a hemisphere. Checking this box will attempt to convert the 'BODY' objects into '3D SOLID' objects. This is desirable because some solid modeling operations work only in '3D SOLID' objects.

Clean solids
Almost always a mesh has several faces that describe a single feature of the object. For example, a simple square face may be described by two adjacent triangular faces. This increases the complexity and size of the resulting solid and leads to complications in further solid modeling operations. Checking this box, will remove all redundant vertices and edges from solids which are not necessary to support the geometry of the object.

Display conversion progress
This option is used to view the progress bar


Please feel free to call or email us for more information about Polygon mesh to 3D solid conversion plug-in for Bricscad.