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IGES STEP Converter - Software to Convert IGES STEP Files

IGES STEP Converter comes with a batch conversion tool that allows you to convert multiple files at one go. The input files can be located in different folders. You can specify an output folder. If you do so all the converted files will be placed in this folder. If you do not specify an output folder, the converted file will be placed in the same folder as the input file. The output file names are same as the input file names but with the output file extension.

To batch convert files:

1. Click on the Add Files button to select the input files or drag them from Explorer and drop them on the file list. To start Explorer click the Explorer button.

2. Select the output file type.

3. If required, specify an output folder.

4. Click Convert.


Batch Conversion


Add Files

Adds files to the list of files

Delete Files

Deletes selected file from the list of files

Reset List

Resets the list of files


Invokes Windows Explorer

Output File Type

Selects the output file type

Output Folder

Selects the output folder

Conversion Status

Displays the status of the converted file.

Conversion Progress

Displays the progress of the batch conversion operation


Performs the batch conversion


Closes the Batch Conversion dialog box


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