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IGES STEP Converter - Software to Convert IGES STEP Files

IGES STEP Converter is a dialog box application and does not have a menu system. It is extremely simple to use. Simply select an input and output IGES and STEP file and click "Convert".

To convert a file:

1. Browse for the Input File Name.

2. Browse for the
Output File Name.

3. Click Convert.


Application Window


Input File Name

Displays or opens a file to be converted.

Output File Name

Displays a file to be saved.


Displays the status of the conversion operation.


Converts a file.

Batch Conversion

Displays the "Batch Conversion" dialog box.

Command Line

Displays command line usage instructions.


Registers your copy for IGES STEP Converter.


Displays the IGES STEP Converter help file.


Displays information about IGES STEP Converter.


Closes the IGES STEP Converter application


Please feel free to call or email us for more information about IGES STEP Converter Software