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A major problem with software is that the people who create it (the programmers) are not the people who use it (the end users). The mindset of a programmer is very different than that of an end user. The programmer ends up encoding his way of working into the software. His way of working often contradicts with the end user’s way of working. The result is a software solution that the programmer is comfortable with, but the end user finds extremely difficult to use. The end user has to unlearn his old working habits and then learn the programmer’s way of working.

To solve this problem, software companies develop the software and then select a few prospective customers (also known as beta testers) to test the product and submit their feedback. The software is modified accordingly and then finally released.

The problem with this approach is that often the feedback comes too late. Sometimes beta testers ask for changes which affect the core working of the software solution. Almost always, such changes are never implemented because this would involve shaking the very foundations of the software and would effectively mean a rewrite of the entire system. Due to time constraints, the feedback from beta testers is valued based on the ability to implement the change before the software release date. Very often, important changes are not implemented simply due to lack of time.

At SYCODE, we strive to eliminate this problem using a different approach. We involve beta testers at each and every step of the software planning, design, development and implementation process. Using this approach we are able to make minor modifications to the software solution all throughout the development cycle so that we end up with an extremely user friendly software. A stitch in time saves nine. We do not have a separate beta testing period. The beta testing and development go hand in hand. This approach results in software which is simple to use.

The company slogan “software made simple” explains how we work at SYCODE. The primary focus while designing, developing and implementing a software solution, is keeping it simple for the end user. No matter how complicated the task to be accomplished, to the end users of our software, it is always simple.